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Is your velocity-based, low profit/high volume approach not working in today’s used car market?  Have you seen new features available on other tools, but not with your inventory provider?  Does that have you looking at alternatives?  Look no further than Units Inventory!

Units offers a wide range of tools and abilities that can be used to better merchandise your new and used inventory.  Some of the standout features:

  • High Resolution Images:  Website heat map data shows that site users generally don’t submit leads until they have seen the pictures.  Why not make those images the star of the show?  Most inventory tools will compress your images for easier handling.  When a website provider wants to show a bigger image, they are missing the high resolution file.  This means your photos are stretched and pixelated.  Units retains the original image file size that the pictures were shot in.  This allows for sharper images and website features like hyper zoom!
  • Customizable Hot Spots: Offer clickable information on various aspects of the vehicle.  Want to talk about warranty, features, specs, and custom equipment?  This is a great way to do that,  giving the user a bull’s eye to click on and view the information.
  • Options on Image:  Add the best options to the bottom of the first photo.  This helps the listing to stand out on the AutoTrader/ type sites.  You automatically give the customer info on your car before they ever click on the vehicle.  This can run on VIN decoding or on Option Codes that come in the feed.
  • PriceCast: Easily manage the pricing for your new inventory down to the trim level. Set up a series of pricing rules that can calculate/pull in dealer discounts and rebates.  Add these prices to your inventory feed and export them to the website and third party sites.  This means the sale price on the third-party sites will match your website.  This seems obvious, but check to see if your prices match.  Digital retailing is another animal.  Most tools will automatically apply the rebates.  If they are already in the sales price, you will double dip on the rebates.  PriceCast will fix this for you.
  • Layover Module:  Allows for dynamic placement of layovers based on features or options.  Example﹘ Have lifted trucks?  You can place a custom layover on those trucks that lists what is in the package.  This is HUGE for the third party sites, since the price will seem way off for the vehicle.  This helps users understand what is unique about the vehicle.  This is also great to display your dealership’s value proposition.
  • 360 Interior Upload: Upload images to create a draggable 360 interior view.  If you take pictures yourself, we can point you in the right direction to create the content for this feature.
  • One Dashboard: Control your inventory listings, videos, exports, Google My Business Cars For Sale, Craigslist listings, and Window Stickers/Buyer’s Guides.

There are far too many features like these to list. Call the Units team today at 844-339-2751 to learn more about why Units will be a huge step forward for your merchandising, and save you money at the same time!

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