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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words But Shouldn’t Cost Thousands Of Dollars

By February 18, 2022February 21st, 2022No Comments

The vast majority of us are visual learners.  This means that we have to see something to learn more about it.  It’s no surprise that photos are so important in marketing dealership inventory.  The more emotional a topic, the more important photos are.  Great photos improve the user experience.

Industry stats say:

  • “Multiple custom photos versus a stock photo, increases click-through to New car Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs) by 133% and Used/CPO VDPs by 349%.”
  • “VDP views per listing are 64.8% higher with 40+ photos.”
  • “…stock images received 1.6 views per day. Listings with low-quality lot photos received 4.5 views per day. High-quality photos taken at the dealership gave pages an average of 12.25 views per day.”

Google and Facebook have rules about photos that accept/reject ads based on photos, or the lack of, and the photo content.  Too many words in the photo can get your listings rejected.  Align with a company that has this down.

Ok, photos are important, but so what?  There have been a lot of developments in the way your dealership can showcase its inventory.  Even stock photos have come a long way.  It’s important to have an OEM approved vendor that can manipulate inventory feeds by the specific requirements/needs of the destination site.  If your inventory images are only 640 X 480 pixels (the most common size in the car business), you are not putting your best foot forward on sites that offer zoom features.  Imagine how clear a 4K image will look!

“My inventory level is low.  Why should I care now?”  If it didn’t cost you more to do it right, you would, correct?  You will want to be set up with the best possible merchandising when inventory levels normalize.  When that happens, your competition will be evolving.  Wouldn’t you want to be the tip of the spear?  Now is the time!

Want to see more?  Call the Units team today at 844-339-2751 to see more about why Units will be a huge step forward for your dealership, and help you save money while you’re at it!

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