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The Shift Of Inventory Is Upon Us.. An Inventory Expert Weighs In.

By October 13, 2022No Comments

Will the increase of prices stall out the car business? Will the demand for Electric vehicles cause sales to slow down as supply for electric, hybrid and plug-in vehicles dip?

In any industry, too many quick changes can cause things to slow down! Consumers are investigating even more on what they should spend their money on. This causes some dealerships to slow down. Especially those using old technology. Consumers are looking for as much information and details to back up what the dealer has priced a vehicle for. Dealers must make sure they have a digital storefront that provides all the information a consumer may need at their fingertips to make a buying decision. 

Now, we have seen great website platforms advance and provide a technology boost that is data driven. We have also seen visual technology take a huge leap with 360 presentations. But, we still have dealers not taking that next step and not doing enough to inform the consumer to a level of commitment to purchase their next vehicle.

Honestly, after being on a shutdown for two years, the consumer wants to feel needed and/or provided with a higher level of support. One-on-one engagement along with providing the consumer a “why” they should buy a vehicle from you is the key in increasing sales. “Why am I better than the next Dealer….”

 The first thing dealers will say is that they do that on their About Us tab or banner on their website. Or, they state that they update their GMB pages with great information. All great things that have been the same for many years. Is this truly where consumers continue to look? Is the new-age shopper following those habits?

How about delivering messages to the consumer where you have their fullest attention? Consumers shop for dealer’s vehicles not only on their website, but also on third-party advertising sites like AutoTrader,, CarGurus, Facebook, Google, etc. It is very hard to change or update those sites quickly, and the only control you truly have on those platforms are vehicle pricing and the vehicle images. 

Wait. Vehicle images… Well what can we deliver with vehicle images? The answer is all of the key options, custom messages to the shopper about services, financing, why buy from us message from the dealer, warranty information, sales events, and even a video from the owner or GM inviting their next potential customer to their store. 

Having an inventory marketing system that can deliver custom messaging to each third-party provider is a must in our current and future market. The Units Inventory system gives dealers the ability to customize their inventory to multiple types of consumers, giving them the ability to reach more customers and generate more leads.

Want to see how the system works? Fill out the form below for your free inventory marketing evaluation!

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