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Dealer eProcess is proud to announce Units, the newest division of automotive companies at DEP. The Units division offers a full inventory solution, that includes Market Evaluation Data, integrated with incoming OEM syndication, New Car Incentives, Custom Vehicle overlays and Syndication for a truly comprehensive system. Units will replace the DEPi inventory management system and provide dealer partners with an industry-leading way to display and merchandise their vehicles.

The Units Inventory Management System (IMS) includes numerous innovative elements that create a virtual showroom experience. Standard features include Window Sticker Module, VIN Decoding, DMS Polling, and Price Cast. Taking vehicle images to the next level are features such as the High Definition Photo Uploading system, 360 Degree Interior Upload, Dynamic Overlays, and Options Icons. Managing inventory can be done with Bulk Update, Inventory To-Dos with Email Alerts, and Comment Generator.

Units IMS can be customized and built to meet the needs of each dealership with four different package levels and a la carte items. As online shopping and digital retailing becomes increasingly important for automotive, each of the tools within this full inventory solution have been carefully selected. This includes Inventory Videos that can be sent to the dealership website as well as third party and social media sites, Video Voice Over, AI Hot Spots, customizable Window Stickers with Buyers Guides.

With the Market Pricing Tool verified vehicle value from KBB, Black Book, NADA, and Manheim Evaluation Data can now be utilized to price your vehicles. The Units system will allow dealers to utilize one system to fully manage, price, and export their vehicles across all needed platforms.

To learn more about Units Inventory and how Units can increase the effectiveness of dealership online vehicle inventory management, contact the Units Inventory team at 844-339-2751.


About Units Inventory

Units Inventory is the industry leader in automotive inventory management. Units Inventory offers a fully comprehensive system with a full inventory management system, market price vehicle pricing tool, inventory exports, image and video management, data blending, comment builder, and more. Units Inventory has offices in Arizona, Illinois, and Washington state. You can learn more about Units Inventory on their website:

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